The Hope House Inc. was established in January 2000 by long time pastor  and community leader, L.G. Jones.   We began with the objective to  provide food, clothing, shelter and substance abuse rehabilitation  programs to this area.   With this objective in mind we opened the very  first homeless shelter in this area of Alabama.

Since our humble  beginnings, The Hope House has extended its services and programs to  touch the lives of so many throughout the State of Alabama.   The former  Blount County Memorial Hospital building now serves both as our  administrative offices, as well as the center for many of our programs.   This includes our one of a kind Thrift Store operation which is open  Monday - Saturday to the public.  All of our program funding and  community assistance is provided through the generous gifts of our many  donors and supporters. 

A recent, and much needed upgrading of  the facility has resulted in the expansion of services we provide our  community.  Thanks to the tremendous support of our local government,  this one time empty building is now known as the Blount County Family  Services Mall. Our Mall is recognized as a truly innovative approach for  community outreach programs throughout the country.  The concept is  designed to bring together various  governmental and non-government  agencies under one roof.  With this initiative, the benefits  of centrally locating a wide-range of family and community services is  now recognized by the residents of Blount County.  

Through the  collaborated efforts of these agencies, a staffed referral counselor can  now meet with individuals and families seeking assistance.   They  are then referred to the appropriate program or department within the  Mall.   This not only minimizes the time necessary to obtain services,  it also reduces the cost of transportation required to search for, or  drive to or from various facilities previously spread throughout the  county.   It is quickly becoming a "one-stop shop" for community  services.

Programs such as  the Juvenile Probation Services Department, Blount County  Juvenile Court, and the Blount County Drug Court can all be found  working side by side with our own staff of professionals at The Hope  House in this very unique facility.  

As with all communities,  additional needs are identified each year and we have been there as a  leader and innovator of services for Blount County.  Many of  our programs have grown tremendously over the years.   From operating  the first homeless shelter in Blount County to now offering  temporary  housing in a fully-furnished residence in the Blountsville / Cleveland  area for misplaced families. 

We assist the elderly, medically  disadvantaged, and poverty-stricken residents with responsible financial  assistance for such items as utility bills and other housing  expenses.  The Hope House stands alone in this region as a resource  center designed to directly impact our community on a case by case  basis.  Through this ministry we have committed ourselves to "stand in  the gap" in times of need for our neighbors, friends, family and  community.

A countless number of generous donations such  as vehicles, food, clothing, and Christmas gifts have all found their  way back into the lives of hundreds of our neighbors each year.   The  Hope House is a program that's operated both efficiently and with total  fiscal accountability.  We are a community outreach program that all of  our residents can proudly support.  We continue to be Blount County's  designated home for refuge, learning, and hope.  We thank you for your  generous donations.